Video: Education, an Act of Love

“Education, an Act of Love– talk at the 10th US Spiritist Symposium in San Diego on April 23, 2016.  

In this brief 30-minute talk, I revisit why education is so important to us from a social perspective and why each one of us should consider broadening our personal understanding of it to include a spiritual component.

I continue by leveraging the work of 3 great educators (Socrates, Vygotsky, and Anne Sullivan) to show how we can apply academic and experiential knowledge in ways that are meaningful to our daily lives and to our larger spiritual evolution.

I then make a point that through the work of a fourth educator, Allan Kardec, we arrive at Spiritism: a powerful tool through which we can bridge the learning we do in this world with that we must do as spiritual beings.

Lastly, I invite the viewer to re-evaluate the greatest teacher who ever lived, Jesus, in hopes we can break free from the inaccurate images and concepts that have prevented us from fully embracing this incredible soul and realizing that all of his teachings are indeed way deeper and more current than we had until now imagined.


Thank you to the United States Spiritist Council for the invitation to speak, and to Daniel Santos for producing the video. 

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