“Spiritist Conversations” Podcast: Why Read When You Can Listen?

Good news for those of us who are more auditory than visual: I’ve just released an attempt at podcasting! (Yes, I did use the word “attempt”…)

“Spiritist Conversations”, as we are calling it, is a show where we sit down with friends to talk about the world through a Spiritist lens in an informal, unscripted, and unplugged way.

It is a departure to some of my more serious pieces here on this blog. For me, the written word brings a more logical and formal feel to it, allowing the reader to digest concepts and ideas on his or her won. The spoken word, though, reach us in different ways — and we can also learn a lot from an informal chat with friends (old or new). By launching “Spiritist Conversations” out there into the WWWild, I hope to be offering complementary approaches to the same idea: there’s much we can gain from diving deeper into Spiritism and using it to help us undertand ourselves and the world around us.

The first episode, featuring a conversation with Flavio Zanetti and Suzana Simoes on what is Spiritism, is live now and can be found on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Stitcher.

Listen to the first episode here:


Future episodes will feature “meet and greets” with Spiritist friends and groups throughout the world (yes!), conversations about contemporary issues from a spiritual perspective and, of course, chats about interesting aspects of Spiritism. And whatever else you suggest. As the name implies, the podcast is intended to be a conversation!

I hope you like it. Let us know what worked for you, what we could do better, and what you would like to see in future episodes!

So, pull up a chair and join our conversations as we leverage the scientific, philosophic, and ethical aspect of Spiritism to untangle life — and have some fun while at it!

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