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It takes 100 feet of snow to, overtime, form one foot of strong, blue glacier ice. That’s just amazing to me.

I heard about this incredible fact during a visit to the Meade Glacier near Skagway, Alaska, with my family earlier today. As we set foot atop this incredible block of ice forged through the centuries, I could not help but be in awe of Nature — and of these incredible blocks of ice formed over thousands of years. I had flown onto a glacier before, but the experience still grabbed me. 

As I looked around the unforgettable vastness of white and blue ice, it struck me: we are glaciers too. Spiritual glaciers.

Buddha and Christ agree on the causes of suffering and on how to achieve happiness. As Kardec would say, this is further proof of the worth of their message — and validation that God continues to reach out to us in whichever way will resonate better with each one of us so we can speed up our walk towards spiritual enlightenment and ultimate happiness.

Our friends at put together this short video based on a conversation we had in Florida a couple of weeks back. I hope you take the time to reflect on the spiritual meaning of this great holiday! May you be always courageous to try new things, thoughtful to reflect…

Hundred of years go, driven by the impulse that life could be more, our forefathers left the old continent in search of a new life. They left everything they had (and were) behind. They braved vast seas, suffered long journeys, and faced uncertainty to levels few of us experience today – all for the promise of a better life.

Every once in a while, we come across a person, article or even a book referencing Spiritism as “Kardecism”. While these are always well-meaning, they also always miss the mark: the enlightening progressive body of knowledge brought forth by the spirits in 19th century France is called “Spiritism”, not “Kardecism”. Although…

When we truly begin to consider what the existence of God really means to us, we undergo incredible paradigm shifts. When we think with our “spiritual” minds instead of our “physical” brains, reality changes all of a sudden and we look at the world and ourselves in ways we had not considered before.

Should we update the Spiritist Codification to better reflect our times? Should we try to make it easier to understand? Perhaps go for a “second edition”?
These are questions that pop up every so often when we talk about how Spiritism’s basic books came about. Here are some thoughts on these important questions…

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