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Every once in a while, we come across a person, article or even a book referencing Spiritism as “Kardecism”. While these are always well-meaning, they also always miss the mark: the enlightening progressive body of knowledge brought forth by the spirits in 19th century France is called “Spiritism”, not “Kardecism”. Although…

When we truly begin to consider what the existence of God really means to us, we undergo incredible paradigm shifts. When we think with our “spiritual” minds instead of our “physical” brains, reality changes all of a sudden and we look at the world and ourselves in ways we had not considered before.

Should we update the Spiritist Codification to better reflect our times? Should we try to make it easier to understand? Perhaps go for a “second edition”?
These are questions that pop up every so often when we talk about how Spiritism’s basic books came about. Here are some thoughts on these important questions…

One of the most confusing and perhaps misunderstood terms in Spiritism for those who are beginning their studies is “umbral”. The term itself appears in many different books and is often used in texts or conversations related to one’s passing from the physical body and into full spiritual (discarnate) life….

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