Echoes in the Cave: Socrates & Plato

Title: Echoes in the Cave – Socrates & Plato as Forerunners of Christianity and Spiritism.


Main Ideas:

  • Socrates as a pre-cursor to the teachings of Christ
  • Socrates’ spiritual world (“world of forms”) and physical world (“world of appearances”)
  • Socrates’ message as an echo of a greater message: the Christ’s.


Other Topics:
  • The Universal Control of the Spirits
  • Mediumship
  • Socrates’ process of freeing oneself from the world of appearances
  • The trial of Socrates & Socrates’ integrity
  • Similarities between Socrates and Jesus


For thousands of years we have heard different messages echoing through the world. Coming from different places and people, they have oftentimes seem contradictory because of our inability to truly understand them. With Spiritism, however, we have begun to understand that these different voices are only echoes of a superior philosophy, a higher mind calling to us from the beginning of time: the Christ, the most evolved soul to ever grace our planet. As we mature spiritually, we start to comprehend these voices repeat, in the own way and at their own time, teachings which reflect an universality that only lends credence to them — if we have eyes to see.

Socrates was such a voice. His teachings, as reflected in the works of Plato, invite us to look past the physical world and understand ourselves as souls who will leave on after our body perishes. In the process, we learn about his socratic method, the theory of the forms, and the four stages of cognition we must undergo in order to free ourselves from the world of appearances. To bring these theories together, we culminate with Socrates’ “Allegory of the Cave” to illustrate the relationship between the world of appearances and the world of forms, and the path we must take to free ourselves through education and knowledge.

The life of Socrates is also an enduring message of light. As a great example of someone who left the cave of appearances, we also learn about his condemnation and death — and how many parallels can be drawn between the lives of Socrates and Jesus. We conclude by understanding that both warned us about the illusion of forms, taught the unity of God, future life, and the immortality of the soul — and that Socrates was a pre-cursor to the higher teachings we were introduced to through Jesus and that we now begin to revisit through Spiritism.



30 – 60 minutes


Presentation Materials:

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