Presentation Topics

Over the years, we have been building a series of presentations on different topics based on the request of different people and groups. Here is a current list of some of these topics. If you have a suggestion for a new topic you would like me to do, please contact me!

Whenever available, click on any on the links below for a short description of the topic as well links to other presentation materials.


  • At the Right Moment – Scientific & Historical Context for the SB
  • Spiritism: Beginnings, Method, & Meaning
  • Echoes in the Cave: Socrates & Plato as Forerunners to Christianity & Spiritism
  • God According to Spiritism
  • We Are All Mediums
  • What is Spiritism?
  • Spiritism & Freedom of Choice: Changing Your Mindset

History & Spirituality:

  • Echoes in the Cave: Socrates & Plato as Forerunners to Christianity & Spiritism
  • Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • Divine Justice on Reincarnation
  • Mediumship Through the Ages: A Historical Aspect

Science and Spirituality

  • Moral Science – On the Shoulders of Giants
  • Scientific Advances & Morality
  • Scientific Evidence of Life After Life
  • Scientific Evidence for Mediumship
  • Prayer, Thoughts & The Law of Affinity

Arts and Spirituality:

  • Spirituality and Literature: Understanding Mediumship in the Arts

The New Testament:

  • Lords Prayer – Unlocking a Contemporary Spiritual Philosophy
  • Reconciling Reincarnation & The New Testament

Suicide Prevention:

  • What if Suicide is not the End? (Evidence of Life After Life)
  • Suicide is Not the End (Pain & Suffering w/ a Buddhist Approach)

Team Building Workshops:

  • North, South, East, West (Communication Styles)
  • Passes – Thoughts & Will at Work
  • Leading Like Jesus (a New & Ancient Leadership Style)
  • The Spiritist Center
  • Public Speaking in the Spiritist Context


  • Beautiful Stories of Chico Xavier
  • Revelations: Signs of a New Era
  • The 3 Cs to Overcoming Conflict: Connection, Communication, and Compassion
  • Family: A School of Love
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